Official Name Pertapaan Rawaseneng


Country Indonesia

City Temanggung

Postcode 56202 (Jateng)

Contact Information

Telephone [62] 8122 2665 8582

Community Email ocsorawa@gmail.com

Superior Dom Gonzaga Rudiyat, Abbot 2006

Other Informations

Juridical Status Abbey

Diocese Archidioecesis Semarangensis (Semarang)


Founded/Restored 1953


Founded by Tilburg in 1953; raised to the rank of priory in 1958 and to the rank of abbey in 1978.


1950: Fr. Bavo, with the permission of the General Chapter, was sent to Indonesia to study the possibility of making a foundation.
1952: The abbot of Tillburg visited the property himself and was authorized by the General Chapter to continue the project.
1953, 4 March: four other monks leave Tilburg for Java.
1954, 19 August: The noviciate is opened.
1958: With much difficulty, three other monks of Tilburg were admitted at the beginning of 1958. The Definitory decided to make the canonical erection in May. The indult was granted on 24 May, but it was only in December that the father immediate received permission to travel to Java, to preside at the erection and the first election, which was held on 27 December. Dom Bavo was elected.
1961: Fr. Maur and Fr. Aelred of New Melleray were sent as temporary help.

Father Immediate


Daughter Houses

Lamanabi, Gedono, Macau.

Past Superiors

Bavo van der HAM — Superior — 01/04/1953 – 27/12/1958
Bavo van der HAM — Titular Prior — 27/12/1958 – 17/06/1963
Franz HARJAWIYATA — Sup. ad nutum — 17/06/1963 – 01/12/1966
Willibrord van DIJK — Sup. ad nutum — 01/12/1966 – 11/03/1968
Bavo van der HAM — Sup. ad nutum — 11/03/1968 – 25/07/1970
Bavo van der HAM — Titular Prior — 23/07/1970 – 18/04/1976
Franz HARJAWIYATA — Sup. ad nutum — 18/04/1976 – 28/12/1976
Franz HARJAWIYATA — Titular Prior — 28/12/1976 – 23/04/1978
Franz HARJAWIYATA — Abbot — 23/04/1978 – 1/10/2006

Work and Sources of Income

Coffee plantation; dairy herd; cookies.

Guest Facilities

Facilities for individuals for retreats, guidance or spiritual direction; small groups (up to 14) can also be accommodated.


Airport : Yogyakarta or Semarang


  • Mount Saint Bernard

    United Kingdom

  • Novy Dvur

    Czech Republic

  • Victoria