Monasteries A-Z

  • Gardes

    Official Name Monastère N.-D. des Gardes

    Country France

  • Gedono

    Official Name Pertapaan Bunda Permersatu

    Gedono / Teromol pos 806

    Country Indonesia

  • Genesee

    Official Name O L of the Genesee Abbey

    3258 River Rd

    Country USA

  • Géronde

    Official Name Monastère Notre Dame de Géronde

    Country Switzerland

  • Gethsemani

    Official Name Abbey of Gethsemani

    3642 Monks Road

    Country USA

  • Glencairn

    Official Name St. Mary's Abbey

    Country Ireland

  • Grandselve

    Official Name Monastère Notre-Dame de Grandselve


    Country Cameroon

  • Guadalupe

    Official Name O L. of Guadalupe Abbey

    9200 NE Abbey Rd

    Country USA

  • Guimaras

    Official Name O.L. of the Philippines

    Trappist Abbey

    Country Philippines